Amnesty International must withdraw and retract its report!

#SHAMnesty #AmnestyLies

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Amnesty International’s 280–page report, falsely claiming Israel is an "apartheid" state, has already been widely denounced. 

The US State Department called the report and charge “absurd.

Israeli FM Yair Lapid called it “divorced from reality.”

Community organizations and writers have dismissed the report as “fake.”

Amnesty’s attempt to use a “press embargo” to achieve a media synchrony of worldwide condemnation was dismissed in the media itself as unethical. Amnesty’s report failed to achieve credibility when released. The world knows that Israel is quickly making peace with its neighbors and that the Jewish State’s ascendant Arab community has been recently empowered as veritable political kingmakers. But the report, replete with falsehoods, can harm the uninformed.

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